When it comes to self-care one of the main habits self-care advocates share with others is remembering to take a breath.

Although that is an excellent technique to adapt, many people fail to realize that breathing is also an important habit to develop for pleasure.

In a Cosmopolitan article Alex Katehakis, clinical director of the Center for Healthy Sex said, “Many women who, aren’t orgasmic are holding their breath during sex.”

Orgasmic Breathing- Krystle In Bed

Why Is Breathing Important During Sex?

Breathing is a natural action our bodies do thanks to the management of our automatic-nervous system.

Since our bodies are able to breathe without us being aware of it, and orgasms start in the brain and not in our genitals breathing is the last thing on our minds when we get excited for an eventful sexual night.

When we don’t breathe our bodies tense up and our muscles contract/lock, causing us to lose an orgasm during sex instead of inviting it to occur naturally.

More oxygen means more pleasure.

When you begin to pay attention to your breath, you start to feel the tension in your body decrease as well as stress while a state of relaxation increases which can induce an orgasm.

Orgasmic Breath- Krystle In Bed

How Do You Practice Orgasmic Breathing?

There are many ways to practice orgasmic breathing and many tutorials on Youtube. For a quick session, you can try the following tips from Liz Goldwyn’s interview with Sluts & Scholars¬†transcripted below (starting at minute 10:20-9:01):

“…imagine that breath is traveling from your root chakra all the way up to your crown and then back down to your root- and the breath is done in conjunction with the squeezing of your pelvic floor muscles. The breath is taken as though you are sucking in through a straw, and at the beginning of the breath your going to start squeezing your Kegels (she inhales).¬† Continue squeezing the Kegels as the breath travels through my chakras to my crown and then slow, slow, slow, exhale still squeezing all the way to the bottom and at the very end when you got that last breath out, then you let it (Kegel squeeze) go (exhales).”

OM Krystle In Bed

My Experience:

I learned about orgasmic breathing when I took an Orgasmic Yoga class.

The class was focused on breathing, and the facilitator Dr. Vixenne gave a couple of breathing examples to help everyone relax and connect in the space, and practice orgasmic breathing as well as bottom breathing.

I accidentally breathed my way into an orgasm because I didn’t want to touch myself or turn myself on and my main focus was to relax.

It was quite a surprise, and after it happened, I wanted more. After the class, I did research and found there were so many people doing and teaching others how to have an orgasm by merely breathing and I was pleased.

I learned that it is a tantric practice that has been occurring for ages and it one highly recommended practice given to people with a clitoris having trouble orgasming and people with a person ejaculating too early.

Now, I’ve always been pretty orgasmic, and some days I would recall not having any orgasms, but I believed it was normal if it didn’t happen all the time.

However, I was wrong. As soon as the instructor spoke about orgasmic breathing in the yoga class, a lightbulb went off in my head, and I realized I wasn’t breathing at all.

Since the class, I tried breathing my way into an orgasm by using a vibrator and a dildo, as well as using my husband ( who is very happy I am orgasming fast and frequently), and each orgasm was just as good as the previous one.

It is a natural habit to adapt and it the best part about it is its Free.

If you want to try orgasmic breathing follow Goldwyn’s steps above or just look it up on Youtube, it is something you would want to experience daily.

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