Leo’s enjoy attention and that remains the same in the bedroom. Although Leo’s are not hard to satisfy, as long as they receive attention they are happy lions. The fire sign is known to be vain and it is no surprise they are only engaging in sex with a partner strictly for themselves.

However, if a person finds themselves in bed with a Leo they will not be disappointed, since the sun-driven zodiac aims to be the best sexual lover a person will have, whether it is a one-night stand or a long-term commitment.

This might play well with the long-term relationship, loving earth signs, who enjoy having a good lay around for a while. Below will go into detail about Leo’s in bed with Earth Signs:


Krystle In BedVirgo: Passionate and sensual Leo in the bedroom will dominate a conservative Virgo. Once the Earth sign is able to understand the dynamics of their love affair with a Leo, they would be able to relax and enjoy an adventurous copulation filled with games, and lots of sexual exploration. With strong physical desires, a Leo must remember to spoil the rational Virgo with tenderness and romance to keep the flame lit in the bedroom.


Capricorn Krystle In BedCapricorn: When a Leo and Capricorn is found in bed together the bedroom scene is explosive. The two are both physical lovers and very passionate when it comes to sex. Conventional sex would not even cross the lover’s minds. Leo’s sexual demanding, passionate demeanor will be satisfied by the earth’s sign matching sex drive. The two will be dedicated to each other in the bedroom, but to many encounters will turn the steamy lovemaking into an ice cold erotic experience if Capricorn gets annoyed by Leo’s demands, and Leo explores the Earth signs sexual desires too fast.


Taurus Krystle In BedTaurus: Roleplay and action keep a Leo turned on, while upscale surroundings will put a Taurus in the mood for any rendezvous. These two will be in for an explosive love affair due to their similar interests for high taste adventurous. Despite their similar desires of a high-class lifestyle a Taurus and Leo also share a high libido. The two will find themselves in oblivion in their high-maintenance lifestyle and passionately, slow, sensual sexual escapade.


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