Leo’s demands attention, and their goal is to be the best lover their partner has ever had. When a person finds themselves in bed with a Leo, they must be ready to give all their attention to them and be prepared for adventurous, sexual, exploration. Leo’s symbol is a lion, and their element is fire, and they are ruled by the sun. The attributes define Leo’s personality to be large with an ego to match, which might be compatible with an independent, communicative, curious air sign.

Libra-lrystleinbedLibra: When this fire and air duo are found in bed together they will be in complete harmony; since they pride themselves on their lovemaking skills. The two enjoy being pampered and pampering their partners. As long as a Leo had an intellectual approach to sex, they will keep a Libra coming back for more. Long sensual talks will also keep the bedroom scene steamy, making them closer with each touch.

Aquarius-KrystleinbedAquarius: Sex with an Aquarius is an experiment. Since Leo’s love to explore and experiment sexually, this air sign would be able to keep the lion tamed. Leo’s flexibility in the bedroom would have an Aquarius switching between dominant and submissive roles.  The two will engage in sensual, exotic, and erotic sex, and neither will feel inhibited.

Gemini-KrystleinbedGemini: Physical and passionate describes a Gemini in bed. Leo’s are sexually responsive to the air signs, desires. The two will engage in lots of sex talk in and outside of the bedroom. Since the fire sign enjoys having all the attention on themselves, they will be passionately submissive to the Gemini. However, to keep a Gemini in bed for more than one night a Leo, would have to have an abundance of sexual knowledge in a lot of areas to entertain twin enough to keep from getting distracted.

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