Leo is a fire sign ruled by the sun and everything about them is big from personality to lifestyle. They love a part we who adores themselves and is able to make time for them as well. Although they are romantics they enjoy sex and are known to be quite adventurous in the bedroom. A partner who enjoys pleasing others is a Leo’s match, but the fire is not selfish because they aim to be the best lover a Leo can have.

Sagittarius Krystle In Bed

Sagittarius: When fire signs Leo and Sagittarius find themselves in bed with each other it is a steamy sexual affair. Sagittarius will bring the fire and expand the Leo’s curiosity and crave for adventure. Since they both share a fire energy and are comfortable trying anything once they can have a long sexual romance.

Aries: Two big personalities will always find themselves engaging in make-up sex. A Leo’s and Aries sexual connection will never be interrupted even if the pair drift apart they will know how to pick it up right from where they left off. They match each other sexually both romanticizing and aiming to please one another over and over again.

Leo: This pair would be too alike in all ways. However, their sexual relationship with one another would keep them connected for the long haul. If the two are able to relax and enjoy pleasure without aiming to please each other to the fullest they would have many sexual adventurous that will be explored until their ruling sun burns out.

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