Virgo season is now in session, and we’ll be exploring what they are like in bed with the different elements for the next four weeks.

Virgos are categorized with the earth element of the zodiac signs and reign from August 23-Sept 23.

In and outside the bedroom Virgos strive for perfection, and can be technical when trying to figure what to do and how to do something.

When making love to a Virgo, the earth sign will be specific about what turns them on and off. They will also share that same thoroughness when investigating their partner’s reactions while giving pleasure.

A Virgo will not allow sloppiness in the bedroom, they expect their partners to know what they are doing and have the restraint to end a sexual engagement if it is not up to their liking.

Don’t let their perfectionist attitude deter you from pursuing them because they are willing to teach you the way to please due to their substantial amount of patience.

Being in bed with a Virgo can be deeply satisfying once they have mastered pleasing their partner and their partner has patience enough to learn how to satisfy them.

Despite Virgo’s need to conduct research before engaging in a sexual act, they can be interested in some forms of kink to spice up the bedroom from time to time.

For an interested partner who wants to be intimate with a Virgo, they must be able to stand up to them and outwit the earth sign or hold a decent conversation, if they want to get close enough to seduce them and/or end up in bed with them.

Overall, despite the Virgo’s perfectionist traits, a partner will be sexually, physically and mentally satisfied with the earth sign because of Virgos desire to please and be pleased.


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