Leo’s are known as the Lion of the zodiac, meaning they are considered Kings and Queens by others. In the midst of summer the sun has officially arrived in their house from July 23- August 23. Since their element is Fire and they are led by the sun, everything about them is tremendous. They are known to have big ego’s, large appetites for life, and a high-sexual desire.

To obtain Leo’s interest, one has to be bold, do what it takes to look and feel sexy, and lastly, bring them lots of pleasure as well as giving them plenty of attention.

Fortunately, Leo’s are not stubborn. Just as much as they enjoy receiving the fire sign loves to give back in return. A person partnered with a Leo would be sexually satisfied, due to Leo’s pride, they care about being remembered as the best their partner has ever had, whether it is a one-night stand or a long-term relationship.

Leo’s are affectionate in the bedroom. To some, they might come off as a bit obnoxious, but passion is known to be Leo’s middle name in a love affair.

While in bed with a Leo a person can expect the fire sign to be seductively demanding, and dominating. The lion would take a full charge in the bedroom heightening all five senses within themselves and their partner.

Leo Krystle In Bed

Since the fire sign has a big ego, they only want the best and would try the best sexual acts that bring on the most pleasure. Their need for being and receiving the best in all aspects of their life, a Leo would be quite adventurous in bed. Potential partners would find themselves occupied with erotic games that will sexually stimulate the Leo and their minds. The bedroom scene would be filled with lots of candlelight, essential oils, and soft, seductive music to set the mood.

Looking from the outside in of Leo’s bedroom scene, lingerie would be a must since the Leo is attracted to a person’s attempt to look and feel good.

The fire sign has erogenous zones in their back. Massaging, caressing, and soft kisses in that area would keep the lion turned on and tamed in the bedroom.

A person interested in a sexual rendezvous with a Leo will have to be sexually awake if they aim to please the lion or be prepared to have their mind blowing orgasms. The lion won’t stop until they know they’ve achieved their goal of being the best lover their partner has ever had.

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