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A Cannasexual is a person who mindfully combines sex and cannabis, according to Cannasexual Ashley Manta.

As mentioned before in a previous post I enjoy having sex while high off of cannabis. Recently, this led me to identify as a Cannasexual. I have pronounced it as my kink.

Now don’t get me wrong I also enjoy sex while I am sober, but high sex turns me into a hurricane in bed. My sexual crave gets out of control when I begin to prepare myself for sex while high. The best part of high-sex is the masturbation that occurs right before I have sex with my partner.

It’s a mind-blowing experience.

Now that I have announced my new identity, the following are reviews of each strand I deliberately combined with sex including my sexual experience alone and with a partner.

Strand Review:

IMG_0177Caramel Apple: Pre-roll by 2020, SFV OG infused hash oil, rolled in golden kief
THC– 34%
Strain– Sativa

My Experience:

When it comes to smoking cannabis, I prefer hybrids with a dominating Indica-strain. However, recently, I wanted to switch things up a bit and remind myself what it was like to be high from a Sativa-strain.

I must say I enjoyed it a lot. Caramel Apple is a wild high. I am not sure if the infused hash oil or joint rolled in golden kief played any part in the psychological high, but just thinking about the sex I had after taking a few drags from the pre-rolled joint has my panties soaking wet.

2020 joint isn’t like other Sativa’s that keeps you active, creative, and possibly on the move to complete tasks. It has a way to relax you completely to help you think clearly as well as getting things done.

In bed, high from Caramel Apple, I felt confident and powerful. During masturbation, I was fierce with my Bad Dragon Bullet Vibrator (review coming soon). I kept it on its highest temple, while the small bullet rumbled against my clit until I climaxed multiple times. I didn’t need foreplay. I was determined to make myself have multiple mind-blowing orgasms.

The same thing happened with my husband. The two of us engaged in dirty, aggressive sex. With hair-pulling, wrestling, and pinning down one another for dominance. I believe I sat on my husband’s face for a good hour before I deep throated his cock in a 69 position.

Caramel Apple had the two of us devouring each other and brought out some sexual animal instincts we now play-on from time to time.

IMG_01755150: Nugget, Smoked out of a bowl pipe
Strain– Indica

My Experience:

5150 is an OG Indica. Being turned on while smoking this strain is relaxing. It gave me a tingling feeling and made me happy. The OG made every touch sensual whether it was from myself or another.

When I masturbated while high from 5150, I made love to myself. The strain forced me to pay attention to what made me say oh, moan softly or loudly, and focus on the location that craved pressure from my fingers against my clit, whether it was from the inside or outside of my cunt, or simultaneously.

My husband smoked with me, and the difference I saw in his performance was his stroke. I was able to feel him, feel me, feel good, which led to him also feeling wonderful. We smoked this strain almost every night until we ran out and made love each time. The two of us couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves, and his penis craved being buried inside of me.

5150 connected us on a sexual, spiritual level, which kept me dripping wet and my husband penis inside of me any chance he got.

IMG_0176Orange Cream: Pre-roll by 2020, SFV OG infused with hash oil and rolled in golden kief
THC – 34%
CBD – .84%
Strain– Indica Hybrid

My Experience:

When I first took a drag from Orange Cream, I was in a hotel room getting dressed for a pool party in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although I didn’t get to masturbate from the pre-roll joint, I did have some great sex.

After the party was over my husband and I practically ran back to our room. He was determined to position me with my head upside down overlooking the strip while he stroked deeply inside of me demanding I kept my eyes open looking down at the lights.

The strain had us try multiple positions in the suite, knocked us out for a good 6 hrs, only to wake up with his cock still inside of my vagina.

The second session occurred in a hotel near the Grand Canyon, Arizona, which I don’t remember because again my husband and I fell asleep while having sex, and woke up with his cock deep inside of me. We assume the sex was as just as good as the sex we had in Vegas, Nevada. I might do another review with this strand because it put us into a deep sleep.

Sex, high, from the three strands, was pretty good. Although I usually don’t smoke Sativa-strains, I plan on smoking them again to enhance my sexual experience. Overall, I really enjoyed the sensations each strand gave me because with all three I felt as if my senses were heightened. Taking drags from the strains satisfyingly relaxed me for each sexual encounter, and it even helped me explore my dominant side in the bedroom.

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