Cancer, the sign ruled by the moon can be emotional and daring in the bedroom; once they know if their partner is in the relationship for the long haul. The emotionally driven crab who is born with a water element, may or may not be in for a wonderful time of their sex life with an impulsive, yet seductively pampered fire sign. Below will be the following description of how the water sign sex life would be with fire.

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 6.56.43 PMLeo: The water sign Cancer can be a switch in the bedroom, which is dominant or submissive depending on the responses of their intimate partner. A dominating Leo can be able to keep up with the Cancer, and also introduce the crab to sex games and role-playing. While Leo’s erogenous zone is the back, Cancer’s is the chest, sensual touches in these areas will get the flames sparking. There would be a lot of candles, perfumes, soft music, and flowers to keep the mood set.

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 6.57.02 PMSagittarius: The adventurous Sagittarius enjoys exploring sexually if the fire sign can sit back, and make time to whisper sweet phrases to the Cancer this sexual romance will be exciting.  Cancer is responsive in the bedroom and being in bed with fire sign Sagittarius will be full of variety and risky encounters.



Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 6.56.43 PMAries: Cancers mood will be the drastic tragedy of this affair.  Aries enjoy seducing a potential partner; this would probably allow a Cancer to have an amazing time. The two share an erogenous zone in the chest, turning each other on will be the last thing to keep them heading to the heading to the bedroom. Once a Cancer can feel safe with an Aries, the fire sign will be in head over their heels with as much rough sex they need, with consent.


Cancer in bed with fire signs would be a mind-blowing experience for them.


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