Every last Wednesday of the month, the Akbar located in Silverlake, CA, has a Sex Trivia Night, hosted by Sex Talk with My Mom, host, Cam Poter, Sexologists Nicoletta Heidegger and Dr. Laurie Bennett Cook, and Sluts and Scholars, from 6:30-8: 30 pm.

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The night is a gathering of people who enjoy talking about sex, having sex, and learning about sex, while meeting new people with the same enjoyments over drinks.

Before the trivia begins, participants are asked to join groups and come up with a clever team name to answer trivia questions for five rounds, on various entertaining topics relating to sex.

The comedic hosts laughed, danced, and drank while asking questions. They also gave the teams gathered around the bar, a few minutes to discuss and write down the answers.

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After each round, one answer sheet from each team was collected by a member from the host party. Music played, and the participants mingled as the hosts corrected and calculated the answers for team points. Once each team’s answer sheet was thoroughly checked, the hosts grabbed the participants attention to read off the correct answers and reveal the number of points each group obtained.

Once the night was over, and the remaining groups waited for their final score, the hosts got everyone excited for the possible prizes they could win. The prizes were from Tenga, We-Vibe, Adam & Eve, and Pleasure Chest.

My Team was 3rd place and we won Pleasure Chest Paddles.

Out of the many small groups who participated in the trivia night one team dropped out, and three won sexy prizes.

The night ended with more drinks and arts and crafts. Some people indulged in ice cream. People who won prizes showcased them for others to admire and reminded fellow team players to return the last Wednesday of the following month for more sexy info, toys, over drinks.

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