I am a big advocate for taking care of my vagina, and once a month I treat myself to an Herbal Vagina Steam, (V-Steam), also known as a facial for the vagina.

A V-steam is an ancient Korean ritual that cleanses a woman’s womb naturally. Chai-Yok is the Korean name for a V-Steam. During the process, a woman sits naked or wrapped in a half-robe, which covers the lower half of the body. On an open stool above a steaming pot filled with two of its primary herbs Mugwort tea blended with Wormwood, depending on where you might get yours, other herbs are combined with the primary mix as well.

Mugwort ( Artemisia Vulgaris) contains natural antifungal agents and antibiotics. It has been used to balance female hormones in Eastern medicines for hundreds of years. It is said to stimulate the production of uterus hormones and menstrual discharge. The antifungal agent and antibiotic are also known to protect the uterus from ulcers and tumors, and ease fatigue, headaches, and other allegations according to Healthline.

Wormwood ( Artemesia Herba) is also popular in Eastern medicine and is known as an antimicrobial (stops or kills the growth of microorganisms). The herb is also antibacterial and antiviral. It is used to promote discharge, relax blood vessels, increase sexual desire, and stimulate sweating WebMD reports.

Due to the primary ingredients of an herbal V-Steam, spas specify the benefits to help regulate menstrual cycles, improve circulation, correct digestive disorders, maintain uterine health and more.

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Herbal V-Steam Ingredients

According to 2010, Los Angeles Times article, from Women’s Care of Beverly Hills Medical Group, Dr. Suzane Gilberg-Lenz gynecologist, an obstetrician, stated, “steaming the pelvic area is “not insane.” The heat boosts circulation, and the increased blood flow brings more oxygen and “immune factors” to the region.”

Now the vagina is a natural cleaning muscle, so getting a v-steam only enhances its job. The Chai-Yok regulates, heals, and refreshes the vulva back to its natural state.


Benefit List From The Spa

After some research, I decided to give it a shot with the girls.

V-Steams can be a bit pricey, but since it has become quite popular over the years. In Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA, a person can spend no more than $50 to add the vagina facial to their spa package.

Since I go for the full spa experience, I choose to have my vagina steamed at the end after bathing, and meditating in steam, balance, and ice-rooms for a couple of hours.

By the time my Chai- Yok appointment arrives, I am relaxed and ready for its herbal pampering.

In a spa setting, you sit in a room with or without other women over a steaming pot and let the vagina steam do its job. You can adjust the temperature to your liking, but most spas suggest you keep it on a low setting depending on how often you do it.’

While sitting, you feel the steam rise into your vagina and anus. Your muscles start to relax, and you drip into the pot. The steam usually takes about 20-45 minutes depending on where you go, and it can get quite hot.

Due to the wormwood herb, your whole body sweats during the v-steams, and you have to sit through the entire process.

Once the steam is over your vagina might feel stimulated but not in a sexual way. Your stomach might feel less bloated, and your anus muscles may also feel a little stimulated as well.

It is recommended to take a shower after the steam, but everyone has their pattern.

Me Sitting On The Open Stool

Sex after an herbal V-Steam is similar to sex without one. However, your vulva can be a little more aroused than usual because oxygen and blood can smoothly flow to the pelvic area.

Next time you decide to pamper yourself get an herbal v-steam. The vagina is muscle and also needs pampering too.






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