Gemini’s in bed can be playful, yet sexual animals. The twin can have sex without any emotional connection and be fine. Gemini’s enjoy seducing and the aroma of sensuality. The air sign is a big fan of foreplay. Since they are the most imaginative and communicative of the zodiac, creative phone sex can set a Gemini on fire. One thing about the twin is they do not mind being dominant or submissive; their high sexual desire will make them predominantly a switch in the bedroom. Below will explore whether or not the emotionally unavailable air sign will have a good time in bed with sexually driven, a passive fire sign.

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 6.56.43 PMLeo: When a Gemini and Leo find themselves together in bed, they realize they are both responsive to stimulation that is sensual. Gemini’s connect through the hands and arms while a Leo is turned on by touches on their back. As long as a Leo is good at talking dirty, it will keep a Gemini wrapped around their finger.


Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 6.57.02 PMSagittarius: An opposite attraction occurs when Gemini and Sagittarius meet. The two are both curious, but a Sagittarius is adventurous while a Gemini is mischievous. Gemini’s hot and physical sexuality is received by Sagittarius explorative disconnected sexual crave. Both can have a sexual encounter and be fine if no strings are attached. These two will have an erotic sex life that will take place anywhere at any given time. The opposite zodiac signs can look forward to an adventurous, exotic sexual romance.

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 6.57.23 PMAries: When a Gemini and Aries agree to a sexual encounter they both will be able to relax. Neither one of them like clingy lovers and the two crave adventure. The two love sex talk in and out of the bedroom. Their lovemaking scene will be artful. While the Aries love a chase and a Gemini craves adventure they will find themselves intertwined in a passionate physical spell that will spark in and out of the bedroom.


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