Geminis are one of the most sociable people of the zodiac. They love to have fun and can be quite adventurous, depending on which of the two twins are present. Most people believe they can’t understand a Gemini, and Gemini’s are okay with that because they continuously surprise themselves. A person born under Gemini is quick-witted and expressive, due to their different personalities they find themselves in relationships that are predominantly casual, one-nighters, and exciting. However, a Gemini is not always about fun and games, they too can be serious, but their emotions do not drive them. Due to their eccentric personality, a person in bed with a Gemini will either have the best time of their lives, or a complex rendezvous.
Below we will explore how the curious Gemini will be in bed with fast lovemaking, charismatic, erotically patient earth sign.

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Virgo: A patient Earth sign, but once aroused can be dominant in the bedroom, which will keep a Gemini intrigued. The passionate, physical loving, Gemini will find themselves having straightforward sex with a Virgo, once the earth sign is comfortable enough. The two will enjoy lots of stimulating conversations that will keep them both turned on due to phone sex and sexting. For sexual energy to flow inside of the bedroom, the two need to be tender with one another as well as a robust physical desire.

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Capricorn: While the playful air sign and stable earth sign might seem as if they won’t hit it off, sex between the two can be fantastic. Gemini’s love of dominance from the Capricorn will allow the earth sign to relax while still having control. Since a Gemini is turned on by touch, they can be highly sensitive to bedroom surroundings, which a Capricorn endures. Capricorns stamina will match a Gemini’s. Capricorn’s love for action in the bedroom will teach a Gemini how to shut-up while making love.

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Taurus: A powerfully-sexual love match is what comes with a Taurus and Gemini. Although the two will talk themselves into the bedroom, they may only be a one-night stand. A Taurus needs security to perform their best while in the bedroom, and a Gemini will start off as playful before they can turn into a sexual beast. Too much playing can turn a Taurus off, and they will be on the hunt for their next bedroom adventures, while a Gemini’s detached demeanor will do the same after they have explored, kissed, and played with a Taurus’s mind and body.

Gemini’s will find themselves having a wonderful time in bed with dominant Earth signs. As long as the conversations are sensual, bedroom décor is up to par, and a Gemini has enough patience to seduce the fast-paced lovers, the two will have lots of passionate sex that can last for one night.

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