As Gemini season comes to an end on June 21, the past three weeks have been fun exploring what Gemini’s are like in bed with other elements of the zodiac. The charismatic, adventure seeking, twin sign of the zodiac can have a fantastic sex life as long as the other participant doesn’t get emotionally attached. With the right person, a Gemini will find themselves having some pretty erotic, sensual, kinky lovemaking; which will either teach them to keep their mouths shut, or turn them into sexual beasts. Since we’ve explored what Gemini’s are like in bed with other zodiac elements, on the last day of their season, we’ll see how they are with signs who share the same aspect as they do; air.

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 8.29.17 PMLibra: A sign with love for beauty, will find themselves in bed with a Gemini after explicit sexual conversations. Libra’s are the masters of seduction, and with Gemini being a physical lover they will be intertwined in sensual rendezvous for hours. In the bedroom, there will be soft music playing and low lights.


Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 8.29.46 PMAquarius: Independence and adventure are what occurs when these two air signs get involved. In the bedroom, they will talk during sex. The two will know what the other desires because they both love to talk, and neither one of the air signs can tolerate boredom. However, an Aquarius will entice a Gemini’s animal-like sex and possibly awaken their mischievous bedroom characteristics, while also keeping the passion alive. An Aquarius will bring creativity to the sex which will equate to many adult games that will stimulate them both mentally and physically.


Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 8.28.58 PMGemini: Lots of graphic sex talk will occur between two Gemini’s, no matter the location. When two Gemini’s find themselves together, a lot of touching is bound to happen. Their bedroom scene will be filled with candles, fragrance, and flowers to keep the mood set. They can endure hours of lovemaking as long as it doesn’t become routine.



Gemini’s in bed with zodiacs will consist of many one-night stands that will be erotically stimulating. Talking dirty, and exploring various kinky avenues will keep a Gemini intrigued and possibly satisfied.

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