During the weeks of June 21-July 22, Cancer season reigns.
Cancers are the emotionally intuitive nurturers of the zodiacs. Their element is water, and the symbol of a crab identifies them.
Due to their intense emotional drive, a Cancer must feel connected to their partner before they partake in any sexual activities. However, once they are comfortable, sex for the crab is intuitive and nurturing. They enjoy being sexually dominated by their partner while aiming to please.

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A Cancer is not boring in the bedroom, in fact, the nurturing zodiac is likely to have sex on a beach, or anywhere near water enjoying multiple orgasms.
If a Cancer is not lying near water with their partner somewhere, the caring, sensitive, feminine crab can be found sexting, phone sexting, or sending naughty emails.
Cancers are usually not the ones who will be accused of cheating. They are one of the most loyal zodiacs who yearn for long-term commitments. Most people fail to realize the emotional Cancer is quickly turned on by the physical touch.

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 4.39.35 PMTheir erogenous zones are in their chest, and heartfelt compliments, deep conversations, can easily heat things up in the bedroom if a Cancer’s intuition assures them a potential partner is genuine enough to be intimate. A person choosing to be intimate with a Cancer must remember to reassure them their sex is mind-blowing and satisfying, as well as reminding them how beautiful or handsome they are. Although the nurturing person born under the sign might seem as if they have it all together, they yearn for acceptance and being the best for their partner.
The sensitive crab enjoys being dominated, but they enjoy taking the masculine role in the bedroom to cause sexual tension. The right person will be able to turn that tension into hot, passionate sex, which may relax the crab of their emotional baggage.
Since the nurturer pays close attention to their partners needs it is a priority for them to understand their partners turn-ons and offs so that they can satisfy them.
A person who is partnered with a Cancer may be able to vouch, “the crab is capable of understanding what makes them happy and keeps them turned on, for a night filled with passionate sex, deep conversations, and heartfelt compliments.”
Foreplay is a must when being intimate with this water sign, and if a person believes they can get away without cuddling after sex, they are with the wrong sign.
Overall, being in bed with a Cancer can be filled with passion. Cancer’s intuitive nature will have them in long intimate relationships which are possibly dreamy, yet fascinating. A person pursuing the nurturing water sign is bound to have a magical sex life focused on their sexual and emotional needs.

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