What it Was Like Taking A Sex Educator Training course? (SFSI)

“No sex is wrong if there’s love is in it.” – Marilyn  Monroe

Spring 2018, I took an 8-week intensive training course with San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI), located in San Francisco, CA.

SFSI is a non-profit organization with an in-depth curriculum to train people who are interested in becoming a sex educator. The course is designed to inform, create, and teach trainees skills to be resourceful sex educators no matter their background.

During the 8-weeks, trainees learned skills to interact with clients who have sexual concerns without them feeling as if they are speaking to a therapist. Trainees are taught educational tools to share basic sexual techniques, accurate and factual information on sexual concerns, and reliable resources to refer out if a client needs more assistance. A community is also built within the course that helps trainees feel connected to others who are on the same path, already taken the track, or continuing the path of sexual exploration.

Taking the course is a great way to unlearn everything taught in grade-school sex-ed, and get an accurate definition of what sex is.

I found out about SFSI through Lynn Comella’s book Vibrator Nation. After personal research, I decided to take the course with intentions of obtaining a certificate as a sex educator. However, I came out with a 60-hour completion certificate and a new perspective on what sex meant to me. I now have a better understanding of other people desires, misfortunes, and experiences without passing personal judgments due to my own experience with sex and others. I also became a better friend to those who ask me for advice whether it relates to sex or not.

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During the training, I spoke to other trainees and gathered their opinions about the course. Surprisingly, each person I spoke to said the same thing, “SFSI is better than any academic course taken on human sexuality. It covers all areas in our sexual culture as well as providing useful tips on how to communicate with others who are not entirely aware of the normality of sexual expression, desires, and responsive desire (drive).”

San Francisco Sex Information is a course a person can take if they are dipping into sex education, already have a background in sex education and want more, or in need of a community that enjoys providing information to individuals with sexual concerns.

My Certificate, I blocked my last name due to anonymity.

While the training is a non-profit, a minimum donation of $300-$800 is required for training. While the price may be a little too steep for some, a scholarship and payment plan to help you get through the training is available. The training course is held two times a year in the Spring and Fall for 8-weeks.

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For more information on the Sex Educator training you can visit at the following link:


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