The deliberate alluring bull is powerfully sexual and needs security to let loose and to be a sex partner who is willing to explore a potential partner. A Taurus biggest turn on is the sense of touch, and once they are comfortable, they enjoy sex games and role-playing in the bedroom. The bulls acute awareness and admiration for the high-class things in life, would need someone who loyal, adventurous, and financially stable to keep a Taurus tamed. Below is an exploration of the earth sign Taurus in bed with signs under the Air element.

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 8.28.58 PMGemini: A Taurus and Gemini are both headstrong. Any sex between them will start in the brain. The pair will usually have a sexual relationship that results in a one-night stand. Gemini’s can be playful and devilish in the bedroom, while Taurus can be lazy unless they are entirely comfortable with the other person. The two will have a lot of fun in bed with lots of kissing and exploring each other bodies with their mouths.


Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 8.29.17 PMLibra: Taurus and Libra share the same planet Venus, which is ruled by love. They both enjoy being pampered and romanticized this will lead them to a sensual, sexual experience. Games and role playing will keep the Taurus lusting for the Libra. For a Taurus to captivate a Libra, they must have an intellectual approach because Libras can be good at sex. Classy and creative sex will keep these two in bed for days.


Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 8.29.46 PMAquarius: Two independent signs will find themselves having carefree sex that will feel like a game. The bedroom scene would be erotically sensual and exotic. With the Taurus having erogenous zones in the throat and neck, and Aquarius’s located in the legs and ankle these two would have a lot of fun with bondage play.


Taurus in bed with Air signs will be quite exciting. With a little compromising they can probably have more than a sexual fling with the people born under the Air element.

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