Making Sex Positive at SexPosCon18 ( Conference)

The Center for Positive Sexuality hosted its first Positive Sexuality Conference (SexPosCon) May 18-19, 2018, in Burbank, CA.

SexPosCon welcomed anyone who was over the age of 18 interested or wanting to learn more about sex positivity whether they were students, members of the community, educators, professionals of all kind, academics, or researchers.
The two-day conference took place for 8-hours the first day, and 4-hours the second unless you participated in the “Sex Positive Certificate Workshop.” Both days covered a broad range of topics that all tied back into the following: what is sex and how to make it positive, ways it is positive, and how to retire negative educational structures and bring about structures that are positive.
Presenters shared powerpoints on research and information that have taken place to improve positive sexuality in different institutions, teachings on how-to practice sexual positivity daily, whether you are alone or amongst others, and information on gender equality and sexuality. Some presentations debunked myths, as well as introduced/reminded attendees about the importance of eroticism and embracing self-care and love.
Attendees were allowed to take notes and question the presenters after their presentations as well as engage with them during the breaks.
Many people used the time to network or get more information about the topics that were discussed.
While attendees were from all over the U.S., and from different professional backgrounds, everyone accepted one another and bounced ideas back and forth for new ways to incorporate ways to share sex positivity with others.
The Center for Positive Sexuality is a non-profit educational and unincorporated association based in Los Angeles, CA. Its mission is to “provide information consistent with the World Health Organization’s definition of sexual health…” (See Center’s Mission Here)


My experience:
I went into Sexposcon18 not knowing what I was getting into. I found the Center through personal research and began following them online because I wanted to look further into their sex-positive journal.
Once I was sitting in the conference, I knew I found my happy place. Meeting professionals in the medical field and learning about how they are trying to make a difference in becoming sex positive with their patients, made me feel as if there is hope in this ever-changing sex-negative world; especially with policies, laws, and religion communicating negative sexuality messages.
SexPosCon was the first of many to be held by the Center of Positive Sexuality and will not be held again until 2020. I am excited to see the positive changes occur in human sexuality until the next conference.


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