Gemini in Bed with:

Geminis are the third sign of the zodiac and are born under an air element. The sign reigns May 21-June 21.

Their symbol is a twin. Gemini’s are known to be both clever and curious. People born under the zodiac are bound to have a good time. Geminis are the intellectuals of the zodiac, and they love to talk, ask questions, and probe for information. The beauty of their lust for information is their nature of sharing it with others.

Since the twin has a curious mind the air sign is driven by their imagination, which keeps them from being bored or boring others. They are a mixture of yin and yang which makes them less practical because you and they are sometimes unsure which twin is present. Due to them being unpredictable, many believe they are crazy.

Crazy doesn’t always mean a bad thing, many people like the unpredictable. Fortunately, in the bedroom, this may help Gemini excel in this area of their life. Geminis are passionate and physical about everything in life including sex.

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Since the sign loves to talk, sex talk is a must with this sign, and it will frequently happen in and out the bedroom. To connect with a Gemini, sensual touch of the hands and arms will have the twin turned on. They enjoy the feel of soft fabrics and are responsive to smell, flowers, and bedroom décor.

While the sign is playful, they tend to be sexual animals in the bedroom. Due to their love of discovery, Gemini’s may only stick around for one night. They despise emotional problems that come with long-term relationships. The following weeks will explore what Gemini’s are like with other signs and elements.


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