The correct answer is no. However, many people alternate between the two which is okay, but they have two different meanings when broken down from the acronyms to the actual words.

(STD) stands for sexually transmitted diseases and (STI) stands for sexually transmitted infections.

While medical professionals use the two acronyms interchangeably and when researched it is documented in medical definitions as synonyms, the two differ by the last word/letter. STDs and STIs are both contracted the same way, which is through physical, sexual activities typically affecting sexual organs such as the penis, anus, vagina, or mouth.

What makes the two different are the distinctions of whether or not the contracted transmission which occurs during physical sexual activity is an infection or a disease. Infections are defined as the first step of a disease. It is diagnosed when a virus, bacteria, or microbes enter the body and begin to multiply. If the body starts to dysfunction or signs or symptoms occur, then it is considered a disease. (

It is easy to say STDs are STI’s since diseases start off as infections. However, the acronym STIs is used more commonly because it has less of a negative stigma than STDs.
Although the two coincide with one another, keep in mind, many STIs do not show symptoms at all, and to keep from getting an STD begin or continue to get tested.

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