Throughout history, there have been many words for women that once empowered them. However, as time passed to keep women from tapping into their unique power, words that once had positive meanings are now derogatory and used to tame women instead.

Book Title Cunt- A Declaration of Independence
Author- Inga Muscio
Pages- 373
Genre- Women’s Issues, Women’s Studies
Format- Paperback
Price: Varies ( Amazon Affiliate Link)

Cunt, a freedom women’s studies book brings back the true meaning of the word cunt and emphasizes ways to embrace the word while learning to love one’s cunt. The author Inga Muscio takes her readers on a personal journey of what it means to be a ‘cuntlovin’ being in a ‘cunthating’ world.
Muscio curses the patriarchy throughout the book and dreams of a world where women will have equal rights and respect as human beings.
Cunt was originally published in 1998, with a little expansion and new ideologies of what it means to be a woman in the 21st century, the book is still relevant.
Abortions, traveling alone as a woman in the dark, rape, slut-shaming, living up to societies definition of woman, menstruating, sex, and many other daily tasks, thoughts, and emotions women go through are all covered and answered from Muscios personal survival tips and ideas.
The 373-page book is somewhat a biography of Muscios personal experience. The author writes as if you are sitting with your best girlfriend and after a long day, break-up, or morning coffee.
There are a few tips on understanding and recognizing what it means to have a healthy cunt is the book is intended for its readers to connect to the words and feel empowered by the good reasons to have a cunt.
There is a lot of information in Cunt on how to live a ‘cuntlovin life,’ and it gives the reader a sense of peace knowing they are not alone in a ‘cunthating’ society.

I recommend Cunt for someone who wants to know what it is like being a woman in the western society, a person who needs a good laugh and possibly needs to realize they are not alone, and anyone that wants to start a conversation in a public area about the book they are reading.
Cunt is still a derogatory word; some will believe it is a book for and about women, which it is, but not in a self-depicting way but in a self-loving manner.

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