Living in a fast-paced world tends to make you do things quickly and turn everything into a goal. There are many ways to slow your pace of life down, and even take a step back to become more mindful of the sensations that lead up to orgasm can be quite romantic in the form of meditation; known as the technique Orgasmic Meditation (OM).

What is OM?

Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is a mindfulness practice for 15 minutes that a person can do with a partner or alone. When people think about orgasm, they tend to see it as the goal of great sex. However, with orgasmic meditation, it is intended to remove the focus of achieving a goal and enjoy the sensations that lead up to an orgasm… Orgasmic meditation helps two people understand the beginning, middle, and end of orgasming. Whether it is alone or with a partner. Practicing orgasmic meditation connects a person or partners through breath, the sensitivity of touch, and listening/feeling the bodies needs, wants, and turn-offs.

Orgasmic Meditation

Although orgasmic meditation might seem similar to a form of tantra in 2001, One taste brought a new light to it Many people find out about OM after being diagnosed as anorgasmic, which is a medical term used to describe a person who has difficulties having an orgasm after being sexually stimulated. While anorgasmia can be caused by many reasons practicing OM helps orgasms possible again.

I found out about OM while taking a sex educator course in San Francisco, CA. After a couple of hours of research on how to perform OM, I took it upon myself to give a try without a partner. It was quite an experience that I recommend to clit owner. Once I was back home my partner, and I practiced the intended way, and again it is something couples should try.

The following paragraphs are on the correct way OM should be done suggested by OM experts, and my personal solo and partnered experience.

Excerpt for orgasmic meditation:

15-minute practice between two people. Each person will find their most comfortable position and location to practice with the receiver lying on their back. The person receiving the orgasmic meditation will only remove the lower part of their clothing articles, while the other person will remain fully dressed. The giver will sit with one leg across the receivers stomach and one leg lying underneath the receivers right leg as the receiver legs are spread open in a butterflies position. The donor will begin to stimulate the clitoris and glide their fingers over the vagina opening while never inserting a finger or touching other genitals for the entire duration.

Personal Experience:

When I tried it, I forgot to leave the goal-oriented orgasmic achievement behind, so I orgasmed immediately. I was already aroused, and I know what to do to make me cum. After realizing I had 12 minutes left I decided to explore myself. I began with my breath I realized I wasn’t breathing at a comfortable pace. However, once I got a hold of my breath, I started to notice the various sensations, vibrations, and electrical charges that began to shoot through my body. The more I slowed down my breathing, the more intense it became for me to stroke/rub my clit in different motions, speed variations, and areas. I wanted to penetrate my cunt and squeeze my tits to bring me to an orgasm, but I forced myself to keep my attention on my clitoris and breathing. It wasn’t until I orgasmed three times and I still had seven minutes left when I realized this is the best exploration I have ever done for myself. Intentionally leaving the rest of my body parts alone, I worked myself into an explosive orgasm which knocked me out for the rest of the night.

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Partner experience: Once I was home with my with my partner OM enhanced our sex life. We didn’t use the number of pillows suggested. We also didn’t talk about practicing OM, it somewhat happened on its own. We started off with our usual sex routine by him touching and teasing my clitoris. He began in slow strokes as I suggested and made every move he could think of without inserting a finger into my cunt. I was breathing heavily, and he reminded me to relax, and as I caught my breath, I drifted off into bliss with him continuing to stroke my clit. Electricity flowed through my body as he caressed the outer lips of my cunt and I let out soft moans every once in a while when his finger would glide over a spot that was aching to be touched. My orgasm kept building up and going back to a plateau without me actually orgasming it drove me crazy mentally because I just wanted to orgasm due to how good the stroke of his fingers felt against my clit. I didn’t know how much time was left but the stroking got me to a point where I didn’t get all wild and crazy with my body going into spasms how it does when I orgasm through penetrative sex, but instead, I orgasmed through breath which was actually more intense than any orgasm I ever had. After I orgasmed, I was completely relaxed. I usually want more, but I was satisfied after the meditation. I had a clearer mind, I wasn’t tired, oxytocin was flowing through my body.

After the orgasmic meditation experience, my partner and I engaged in penetrative sex, and it seemed to make our connection deeper than it was before. OM has made both of us in tune with the way my body climaxes. Instead of having sex focused on orgasming, we now focus on our breaths and listen to our bodies turn-ons and offs more than before.

Although there are a lot of free instructions teaching partners how to practice OM. I still believe the pricey OneTaste course might be worth the expense.

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