Cunts are beautiful.

They come in different sizes, shapes, shades of color, hairstyles, hairless, fat, skinny, long, and short.

No matter what you were taught, or people opinions, accept the fact that cunts are incredible, tasty, naturally scented, self-cleaning, female external genital with a sensational lubricating canal that connects to the outside world.

No two cunts are the same.

Sometimes they bleed to rid itself of negative energy that may have entered its canal.

It’s used as a procreation to bring new life into the world.

Some have clitoris lengths that fall in a range from three to five inches.

Guarded by a hood.

While others, due to religious purposes don’t have a clitoris at all. (Depending on what part of the world you are in).

Thanks to the clitoris, cunts have a load of nerve endings, so one must be gentle when exploring a cunt.

Some cunts come excited and ready for sexual intercourse.

While others need a little foreplay to lubricate the canal.

Not all cunts squirt.

That is okay.

Each cunt orgasms differently.

Take a look at a cunt you love.

Get a mirror and admire its beauty.

Taste a cunt.

Smell a cunt.

Touch a cunt.

Loving cunt is a way to feel deeply connected to yourself or the person owning one.

Remember each cunt comes with a different set of rules so one may not like what another cunt enjoys. With that being said verbal communication with the cunt owner helps understand how to keep a cunt healthy and aroused.

‘Krystleinbed’ uses cunt is as a replacement for the word vagina/vulva. Krystle is a strong believer that cunt is not a derogatory word, due to its history of being an empowering word for women.

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