I have had cannabis sex many times. However, I never saw it as that. I only saw it as being high and having sex. It wasn’t until recently I took the time out to pay attention to the sex I was having while high off of cannabis.

I love cannabis I smoke all strands except for Sativa, but I do enjoy some Sativa-Dominant Hybrids. The marijuana I tried for my sexual experience was a Sativa dominant hybrid called Candyland.

Candyland is a combination of two strains from the Bay Area known as Bay Platinum Cookies and Grand Daddy Purp. It is considered a next-level strain that is high on the list of boutique strains in Bay Area pot shops and Southern California.

According to Candyland’s review on marijuana.com, it is said to possess an intriguing aroma of a modern hybrid. Its Sativa-heavy smoke removes daily anxieties and replaces a stressful mind with creative and relaxed thoughts. The review states it gives its consumers a “smooth and soothing body high- and pain-killing attributes.”

Candyland capsul

My experience:

I enjoyed Candyland it made me feel giddy, my body felt loose and relaxed, and it forced me to want to do something sexually creative and fun. Usually, when I smoke, I’m not creative, but Candyland had me coming up with ideas for role play, new positions to try, and the urge to have sex in different scenery.

During the sexual encounter I was the only high participant, and because of this, I was the dominant one. My partner (male) sat up on the bed with his back against the reading pillow for support, and I straddled him. We started off kissing, and our hands were caressing each other bodies. We didn’t dive directly into sex because we were teasing each other between kisses with an erotic discussion on who was in control.

While kissing, caressing, and talking I would slowly grind on his cock with our clothes still on, and each time he tried to grab my hips to take off my leggings I would pin his arms back and kiss his neck. I continued to tease my clothed cunt with the tip of his covered cock until I was about to cum. Since I was high, each timeI tried to rub the tip of his clothed hard cocked against my clothed, wet cunt I felt my juices and cunt craving penetration. While kissing him, I slid my clothed cunt down the shaft of his clothed cock and immediately jumped off him.

He and I wanted each other bad. We unclothed ourselves like animals, and once I was in the position to straddle him again I teased my cunt a little more with the tip of his cock to make sure I was ready. Unfortunately, my impatient partner lifted his hips and thrust his cock into my vagina. I immediately came, and as I was coming I pinned his arms back and sat on his dick and pushed my weight down into my legs to control the rhythm of the strokes I wanted for my next orgasm.

My partner fondled my breasts as I rocked my hips onto his cock and I slowly began to lose control again. I began to speed up the stroking and would slide all the way up the shaft of his cock until the tip was the very last piece inside of my cunt. Once the tip was the only thing left inside of my cunt I sat back down on his laps with his entire cock deep inside of me as squeezed my cunt aroubd his cock numerous times.

Every sensation in my body felt like ecstasy. He told me how hot I was continuously and each stroke of his finger or hands across my body made me wetter. His cock was drowning in my cunt juices, and I orgasmed a many times whether it was from something he said, a touch, or the look on his face as he enjoyed me rocking and bouncing on his cock.

After having multiple orgasms and in the midst of having another one, my partner pushed me off of him, took his cock out of my vulva, and pinned me to the bed. His power of control drove me crazy, and as he thrust his hard cock back into my cunt I had another orgasm, and he soon came right after.


After Thoughts:

As I mentioned before, I’ve had cannabis sex multiple times, but I never thought about the effects. I’ve also had sex numerous times after smoking Candyland without thinking about my high, and I must say each sexual encounter I had has been pleasant.

I believe Candyland’s genetic mixture of Grand Daddy Purp and Bay Platinum Cookies enhanced my sense of touch, being touched, sight, and sound all while keeping me relaxed. I am usually shy about role play, but Candyland improved my creative sexual energy. It also gave me just the right amount of aggression, so I felt dominant throughout the sexual duration.

Being high from Candyland helped me feel closer to my partner and pay more attention to what turns me on and off. I am usually communicative outside of sex, but the high made me tell my partner what I liked and disliked at the moment, which I believe boosted my overall orgasmic experience.

I will smoke Candyland again, and I will also use it when I want to be more exciting in the bedroom.

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