Taurus the second zodiac sign runs the days of April 20 – May 20. They are known for their sensual characteristics. People born under the sign use their five senses to navigate through the world and explore their sexuality. The loyal bull moves slowly when deciding on a partner to commit to can be stubborn but is easily seduced by material things and being romanticized.
The Taurus is an earth sign, so their characteristics of hardworking, and focus on financial stability forces them to move slowly and not take the initiative in the bedroom. However, once the Taurus is comfortable and feels stable their laziness in the bedroom can turn sex into an all-night and long-term fling because they aim to please.
A Taurus can be submissive in a sexual relationship because they enjoy having a partner take control. They also tend to put their needs to the side to make sure their partner is overly satisfied.
One problem a Taurus has is being possessive. Although that can be a turn on in the bedroom, it can cause problems in other aspects of the relationship if they find themselves with someone who needs space. Their voracious sexual appetite always needs to be satisfied whether if it is a need to satisfy or a need for them to be pleased. While they are loyal and committed, a person partnering with a Taurus never has to worry about them going astray, but they might have issues keeping the hypersexual bull tamed.


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