Sexual consent has been a significant topic around the world lately. For many years people (predominately women and girls) have been raped, molested or sexually assaulted without any fight for their sexual rights.

Due to the number of sexual abuse cases that are recorded each year, victims have kept their mouths shut because they believe no one cares. In the event of feeling as if your voice will never be heard, most people fall into the tendency of thinking they are not worthy of anything.

However, despite anyone’s rights, beliefs, religion, culture or gender, everyone is worthy of sexual consent.

March 6, 2018, France has finally set age on sexual consent after an outcry from the public for two high-profile cases involving 11-year-old girls, whose abusers were released.

According to CNN, “Equality Minister Marlene Schiappa said the government “has decided to set the age at 15.” a new law would be presented to Council of Ministers — France’s equivalent of a cabinet — on March 21.”

Before the new law on sexual consent, France criminalized child abusers if the victims were able to prove they were forced into a sexual act.

In my opinion.

While France is making a significant law for the children, what about other victims of sexual abuse?

It is not right to have sex with children. People should get killed for that.

However, that doesn’t mean if a person is at a certain age they’re rights should be pushed to the side because they were abused. In this situation, an abuser can see this law such as the following:

“Okay! I can’t rape a child under 15 because I’ll go to jail! Nothing serious will happen to me if I rape that person over the age of 15, who are minding their own business. As long as I don’t bruise him/her.”

If the government wants to get involved with consent they should take all scenarios into consideration because one day that child will be over the age of 15 and nobody will be able to save them from sexual abuse.

While France is headed in the right direction, their government should not leave this law where it is. Instead, they should keep advancing this law to end rape culture in their country. As far as other nations their governments should follow up or create better rules of their own to terminate rape culture for eternity.

Most countries already have sexual consent laws for children, but many countries do not have consent laws for individuals over certain age limits. If people want rape culture to end potential victims should be taken into consideration when making consent laws since children do grow up one day.


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