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Since Aries season is upon us, it is only fair to know what they are like in bed. March 21-Apr 20 begins the season of the fire sign. So let’s explore how they ignite the flame or burn it out over the next five weeks.

First, let’s explain what an Aries is:

There are 12 signs in the zodiac calendar, and Aries is number one. Being the head of the zodiacs, it is one of the four cardinal signs which are zodiacs that start the season, all of the other constellations travel through Aries many times throughout the year. The symbol of Aries is a Ram, which causes people born under the sign to be stubborn, confident, bold, energetic, self-centered, reckless, impulsive, heroic, or caring just to name a few.

You might be wondering what does that mean in the bedroom?

For your answer, an Aries will be CONFIDENT.

Since the zodiac is an overall prideful sign, you can expect great sex. If an Aries has lousy sex, they are probably stressed.

The Aries is a highly sensitive being, so in the bedroom, they will pay attention to what turns you on and off without you having to tell them. Due to their control of everything else in their lives, an Aries will like a partner that is confident and has a romantic power in the bedroom.

For example, if your partner is the money maker in the relationship they would want you to cater to their needs.

That means cooked dinners, massages, soft music, lots of foreplay, deep conversation to take their mind off work, and most importantly you in control of the sex.

Now if the relationship is the other way around, expect to be romanticized and spoiled. Don’t be surprised if you find your self tied-up and gagged at some point in the sexual engagement.

Since the Aries will have the freedom and power to ignite the flame inside of themselves and you, it allows them to be creative in other aspects of their lives which is SEX.

Keep in mind not all Aries are the same. The information provided is from personal experience.

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