First of the zodiac, fire sign Aries is confident, stubborn, reckless, prideful, impatient and competitive just to name a few of their characteristics. The zodiac is a cardinal sign which means it is the first sign to begin one of the four seasons.
Aries begins the season between winter and summer, spring; which starts the blossoming of new beginnings that transitions the earth from freezing to hot temperatures.
The sign’s symbol is The Ram, which is a male sheep in the animal kingdom. It’s known for its dominant feature of curved horns which sets it apart from other breeds of sheep. The Ram is a herbivore and is known as flock animals, which means they travel in groups.
People born under the sign are hardly ever alone. Due to it being a cardinal sign to start off spring, its playful behavior unleashes high libidos, that can be beneficial for most zodiacs in the bedroom.
Below explains what it is like for zodiacs with the earth element to be in bed with the fire Aries.

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Taurus: The Aries will have full control in the bedroom with a Taurus. However, the Ram will have to learn how to slow things down and how to make love if they want to keep bull intrigued. The Taurus will teach the Aries how to foreplay, unfortunately too much of it may push the ram away since the fire sign likes to dive into romance instead of taking things slow.

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Virgo: Aries and Virgo sexually compliment each other. Virgo’s sense of duty without complaint keeps Aries intrigued, resulting in a pleasant sexual experience. Aries is allowed burn with passion when intimate with a Virgo but must remember to be respectful because Virgos can be sensitive.

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Capricorn: Depending on a day an Aries in bed with a Capricorn can be hot or cold. Capricorns are reserved so it will take a while for daring Aries to convince the goat to try something kinky in the bedroom. Due to the two strong charismas, teasing keeps the fire lit. However, Capricorn will be satisfied with conversation which the Aries will find dull. If the Aries is willing to be patient, they will be able to remove tension between the two.

People born under the element of Earth are usually grounded. They move slow and steady with structure and enjoy stable, loyal, long relationships. While their behavior can balance out a fire sign like Aries, it can also hinder the Ram’s need for socialization, exploration, and impulsiveness.

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Top Photo Credit: Freida Harris, in collaboration with Aleister Crowley, Flickr, 2009.

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