Sex starts in the brain, so it is essential that your context is in order. Sex in context is when your present mental state and your external circumstances affect what turns you on and off. (For more info check out my last post How Context Affects Your Sex Life.)

While your turn on and offs can also be affected by your physical health, the tips below are for anyone who might be experiencing a shift of high or low interests in sex, which have never occurred in their body’s before.

  • Self-care and love: Loving yourself first is a good start for making sure your context is right. When you are comfortable with your self, nothing around you can be detrimental to your pleasure. You are already your first priority, so it is easy to control what turns you off since loving and caring for your self is focusing on what turns you on.
  • Communication: In every situation, whether it is with your partner, self, or body communication is essential. It helps you understand what is really going on whether words are spoken or not. If you can’t communicate with your partner vocally/physically or listen to the messages your own body is giving you, then it can be hard to reach the highest levels of pleasure.
  • Comfortable Environment: People have their own definition of what comfort is to them. Some people like chaos, messy, noisy environments, while others enjoy quiet, calm, clean environments. There is no right or wrong setting if you and your partner are comfortable.
  • Food Intake: Little do many people know, food plays a huge role in the arousal. When you consume greasy, fatty foods it can decrease your libido. While some fat foods are good for your sexual desire, others can disrupt your sexual desire. Maintaining a balanced diet is not only beneficial to your health it also enhances pleasure.

It takes time to work on your personal context and get to know your partners as well. However, once the issues that are interfering with your sex life is recognized you will see change happen in the bedroom. You and your partner will be able to understand when something is blocking either of you from being aroused. By paying attention to your context for sex it has the potential to eliminate sexual frustration and insecurities while enhancing your arousal for extended periods of time.

There are many more tips that can help you work with your context. Since everything begins in the mind, the practice of being conscious of our thoughts and surroundings to what turns us off and on will result in more exploration of your pleasure points, as well as your partners. Keep in mind nothing happens overnight. As you practice sex in context, you will see small changes that will be beneficial to your sex life and everyday habits and tasks.

References: The tips and information are inspired by personal experience and book Come As You Are

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