MVIMG_20180103_181405.jpgTitle: Witches, Sluts, Feminists: Conjuring The Sex Positive
Author: Kristen J. Sollée
Genre: Feminism, Women Studies, History, Sex Positive
Kindle Format, Paperback
Price: $13.81

For centuries men feared women because they were not able to understand them. Due to the mysteries of women’s physicality and mentality they have tried to do everything they could to maintain power over women. When a woman did not conform, chose to go against the patriarch, or stand up for her beliefs/rights, the label witch, slut, or feminist is spat at her.

The author Kristen J. Solée is a sex-positive, feminist professor, who takes her readers back in time and up to date for the definition of the words witch, slut, and feminist. Once the understanding is clear the author dives into the context of what, why, who, and how the words witches, sluts, and feminists” became derogatory labels for women.
She also ties in historical eras of witch-hunts and how witch-hunts are continuously happening today on a political and capital spectrum. The author also addresses how witches, sluts, and feminist have risen and fallen in media and arts.
Solée identifies witches who have pushed women’s rights, died for freedom of the patriarchy, and busts the myths of what/who witches are.
The sex-positive, feminist author emphasizes on how to embrace the derogatory labels to help push the movement of the acceptance of being called a witch, slut, or feminist. There are interviews Solée conducted with people who identify themselves as either of the labels and many backstories of how witches, sluts, and feminist remain relevant today. The professor teaches the reader how to identify a person who sees them as any of the labels and see them as nothing more than human.

My Thoughts:
Witches, Sluts, Feminists: Conjuring the Sex Positive was an eye-opener for me. Before reading this book, I’ve only heard snippets of the witch-hunt era. Throughout my life, I’ve had many encounters with people who have identified as witches, sluts, and feminists. After reading Solée’s work, I now understand the meaning behind each label and the history behind it. Due to this new knowledge, it has given me an Aha! Moment. I see where I now stand in this patriarch world that refuses to see a woman as an equal. The book is not meant to convert anyone into a slut, witch, or feminist. However, getting an understanding of where the labels derived from will have any reader of this book see the world a little more differently.
I recommend Witches, Sluts, Feminist: Conjuring the Sex Positive to someone who is curious about the feminist movement, and a person who already knows the backstory of the labels, but wants to know if/how people are dealing with today’s “witch-hunt.” I also believe this book is an excellent choice for someone that is looking for answers to free themselves from being negative and shame others for being their true selves.
This book is a step to changing how people can start to love one another despite their identity. I also believe it is a good book for someone who thinks a woman should only be in the kitchen.
My last statement believes a person who thinks woman are beneath them should read this book because the person will be left behind with that mindset. This book unveils the mystery of the woman and any person who craves independence, change and a better world for the free-spirited.


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