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Book Title: On Dublin Street
Author: Samantha Young
Genre: Adult Fiction Erotica, Romance
Published: Paperback 2012, Kindle e-book 2013
Format: Kindle
Page: 368

Jocelyn Butler, who goes by Joss, moves to Scotland to start her life over. She tries to maintain a guarded approach to focus on her book while living with her new roommate Ellie Carmichael. However, her guard slowly diminishes as Ellie’s womanizer brother Braden Carmichael seduces her with his charm and wraps her around his finger. 

Filled with grief and suppressed feelings, Jocelyn Butler (Joss), leaves her past behind in the states. She fabricates her new life in Scotland to be free of attachments and focus on her novel. Joss believes everything is going as planned once she moves into a spacious two bedroom apartment, where she will only bump heads with her new roommate Ellie in the kitchen or living room On Dublin Street.

Little did Joss know life On Dublin Street had another plan for her when she is forced to hang out with Ellie and her brother Braden. Due to Joss’s hidden secrets, the siblings are intrigued by who she is, when she continues to push them away when they ask about her past.

However, determined and over-protective Braden doesn’t let Joss get away with her secrets. Instead, he finds himself thrilled by her challenge and not only turned on by her mystery, but mesmerized by her persistence of keeping him out whenever he gets too close.

The trio finds themselves in heartbreak and uniting situations as life On Dublin Street forces each one of them to come out of their comfort zone. Nevertheless, there is a balance found between the roomies and the charming brother, due to their clashing personalities and each one’s eagerness of not allowing the other to be more stubborn than themselves.

Personal Thoughts:

The 368-page adult-erotica, On Dublin Street, starts off as a slow read. There are lots of backstory snippets throughout the erotica to help you get a better understanding of the narrator Jocelyn Butler. It is a clever way to write a novella because it keeps the reader wondering who the character is and why is she hiding.

The author, Samantha Young, wrote the book in a harmless tone which gave the narrator Joss an aloof persona. This tone made the sex scenes surprisingly good.

The harmless narrative of Joss, makes the adult-erotica seem like a traditional romance novel. However, it helps surprise the reader for the many unexpected climaxes throughout the book.

On Dublin Street, is recommended for someone who is in search of a traditional romance novel with explicit sex scenes, and emotionally gripping climaxes.

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