9440347397_dfb706b248_zCalifornia is the first state to allow any person to declare their gender as non-binary (NB), on their identification cards and other official documents. Gov. Jerry Brown signed the law Sunday, October 14, after the bill was proposed 10 months before the signing. Brown decided to sign the legislation to make it easier for people to choose/change their gender identity. Although Brown signed the law for NB, there will not be a location to select non-binary on California’s state ID, drivers license, or state government official documents until 2019.

To be a non-binary person, one doesn’t identify as a male or female. People who identify as NB choose to distinguish themselves from the gender binary (GB). What makes them different is that people genitals will no longer define their gender at birth. Now a person will be able to choose whether or not they want to be seen as a female or male, with the ability to switch between both genders or trans.

Non-binary is a generic term to place other sexual identities into a group. The groups who are under the name can be people who identify as Agender, bigender, genderfluid, etc.
California is the first state in the U.S. to push the LGBT and Trans community in a less stressful direction, but they are not the first in the country to recognize a third gender. While America is not the first country in the world to acknowledge NB.

Oregon was the first in the country to recognize the third gender by allowing a person to change their gender identity to non-binary on their identification card. While countries such as New Zealand and Australia were already giving their citizens the option to choose their gender identity by using abbreviations X for non-binary, M for male, and F for female.
Since California is the first state in the country to pass the bill for its people, this is the beginning of the foundation to help lead the rest of the nation to recognize everyone as an equal human being. The LGBT and Trans community now have identification, which will allow them to be treated with the same fairness as those who identify with the gender binary.

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