Amber Rose SlutWalk 3rd annual event, on October 1st took place at the Pershing Square Park, Los Angeles, CA.

The come as you are occasion had many people asking questions when they saw hundreds of women and men dressed in what conservative people would call: risqué. Although there were people in jeans and a t-shirt, that didn’t stop wanderers from asking what provocative freak show was happening on Sunday afternoon.
The different attire of the diverse group of confident, free-spirited people helped escalate the SlutWalks’ impact on the change it is trying to make for victims who have been abused.
Amber Rose is not the founder of SlutWalk, she is a helping hand to help build a bigger stage for the touchy subject that most people (predominately women) are afraid to talk about.

The first Slutwalk was April 3, 2011, in Toronto, Canada. After a Toronto police officer told a group of young women, they should avoid dressing like sluts to prevent sexual assault.
The women were infuriated by the police officer’s remark and decided to create a protest in hopes to bring a global end to rape culture, victim blaming, sexual assault, slut and body shaming and gender equality.

Little did the founders know, their turnout of 3000 people would become a worldwide event over the years, hosted in over 200 countries annually on different dates and times. While each country has its unique feminist awakening, each SlutWalk is different, with one thing in common: stop shaming and victimizing people (predominately women) for being their authentic selves.
To get more people to come forth and get help from being abused, the SlutWalk has turned into an empowering charitable event for individuals not to feel ashamed or alone for being in an abusive situation.
Unfortunately, many people are not aware of how many men and women are victims of some form of sexual harassment every day. According to the CDC ( Centers for Disease Control and Convention), victims are still afraid to report being raped out of fear of shame.
Now, six years later, the nonprofit event had a great turnout with lots of people interacting and empowering one another to be the best version of themselves. Special performances by well-known and upcoming artists kept the crowd entertained. While sex-positive venues welcomed guests to shop and explore companies that supported people to be happy with their sexual preferences and identities as well as be free from the everyday conformity of what it means to be a beautiful human being.
The Amber Rose SlutWalk also held a motivating educational segment on women’s rights and equality from professionals of psychology, sex & relationships, and tech.
Adult and Child Psychiatrist, Dr. Gettings said, “96 of Americans believe we men and women have equal rights. 80 percent of us believe we have equal rights in our constitution and we do not. The reality is that women and girls still do not have equal rights in the United States of America and we need them right away.”

America still has a long way to go for women to gain equal rights in the country. While the SlutWalk is relatively new to California, the speakers encouraged Angelenos to go back into their communities to help women and girls push harder for their rights and stop allowing men to treat them as property and more like humans instead.
With more people becoming aware of the rape culture, slut and body shaming, gender equality, victim-blaming, and sexual assault, it is only a matter of time before men and women of every race and sexual identity will unite and strive to make a difference in society for today and future generations.

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