Review: Taken by the Russian

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Book Title: Taken by the Russian
Author: Alexa Riley and Jessa Kane
Genre: Adult Fiction- Erotica, Contemporary, Romance, Novella
Published: e-book on August 23rd, 2017
Format: Kindle
Page: 131

Eighteen-year-old Anya is sad to go to college because she hasn’t been able to properly seduce her big Russian bodyguard Sasha. However, she doesn’t know Sasha has been waiting for this day for five years, and he has other plans for Anya once he completes the last job her father has for him as her bodyguard.

In Taken by the Russian, Anya and Sasha have been in love with each other since they first laid eyes on one another five years ago. Although Anya has tried everything she could to become more intimate with Sasha, he never made a move out of respect for her father and their age difference.

Once Anya was packed and ready to take her last ride with Sasha to college, she finally got the reaction she wanted out of him and thought she had everything under control. Little did she know, Sasha has been managing and planning her entire future.

My Thoughts:

Since Taken by the Russian is a short read, it is a speedy tempo. The authors Alexa Riley and Jessa Kane have a way of turning on their readers and taking them on many orgasmic journeys. On the contrary, Sasha and Anya also learn a lot about themselves, and each other as they try to overcome life obstacles. The reader will enjoy the fast pace love affair and will feel highly satisfied due to their mind being tricked into mental orgasms.

The novella is an easy read, and it is made for someone that needs a romantic escape from reality for a few hours. Since it is only available as an e-book, the reader can be Taken by the Russian on the go while being secretly seduced.


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