Tea With Krystle is a wellness blog about personal growth through our pleasure senses. It is an interactive site that allows you to shop and entertained you with quirky videos.




About Me:


Hey there, I am Krystle a pleasure seeker and a big fan of all things wellness.


I have taken in loads of information and found that I am an empath and healer. This new found identification led me to learn more about my senses and teach/help others gain clarity of their desires to ignite more pleasure into their lives.


While writing is my passion, I learned that some people thrive off physical products, and to help those who were into materials I created the co-friendly, handmade e-commerce store, Healing Intentions Natural. 


Healing Intentions Natural covers the physical aspect of pleasure, where I provide hand-poured scented and non-scented soy wax candles, healing crystals, organic tea, and vegan beauty products. 

Once I got a better understanding of our sense of smell I realized many people were also visual and audio learners, and that led me to create a YouTube page. 


The Tea With Krystle YouTube page is a compilation of entertaining How-To videos, and meditative sounds people can use for auditory pleasures.


Upon finding outlets to help teach people about pleasure, I can go on forever about how I can help you lead a more pleasure fulfilled life using your senses, but I rather you explore and learn on your own.


If you want to have a discussion you can simply contact me here, and of course any comments or reviews you leave while reading the posts, watching the videos, or products you’ve purchased I will be patiently waiting to get back to you. 


Before I let you go completely, if you want to stay up-to-date on all of the latest posts, products, and videos, be sure to sign up for my monthly newsletter. Thank you for stopping bye. 


Sips tea,